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Conflict - Moderation

Conflict-moderation + -management

Your team got caught-up in different opinions with your customer / 3PL - to the extent they need to be “untangled”? Or the teams have clashed – unexpectedly – in a Business-Review?

An operation has problems? Or conflicting targets? You are measuring KPIs and productivities, and you think “OK” – however, you are being surprised by your customer or your P/L with an entirely different point of view?

IF problems – clearly – have a root-cause which can be allocated to a (one only) particular party : then those issues have to be solved by that particular party. In most cases, however, such a black-and-white distinction is not possible. Several layers in a complex context have to be looked at in particular once change- and optimization-processes are impacted. Also if business-parameters in comparison to the contract have changed or the contract is outdated and hence requires a lot of interpretation, leading to conflicts.

In those situations I offer a fast analysis and a FACT-based approach and OBJECTIFICATION to the situation. Together we will develop an action-plan and prioritize accordingly. I will GUIDE and MODERATE the realization of the identified ACTIONS.

Close to the facts.
Closely with the people of all relevant parties.

Main targets are:


Out of a NEUTRAL position I am more than happy to be at your service in order to help re-gain and maintain a long-term business-relationship – as basis for stability and growth.



in addition to Conflict - Moderation I am pleased to offer you the following services:

Connecting people. In Turnarounds. Crisis. Projects. Operations

Connecting people. In Turnarounds. Crisis. Projects. Operations


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