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Björn Bünemann


Since years, I repeatedly notice that unclear or even missing structures, insufficient communication and partly also lack of respect in dealing with people are major contributing factors for unsatisfactory (financial) results.  A no-brainer and a truism?

Even, if yes: in the day-to-day hectic of business, time pressure, implementation-projects, sudden events etc.: it frequently happens, that a combination of triggers, often linked with process- and technical challenges, lead to “meltdowns”.

I love – together with the people in your teams – restoring order, structuring what is not structured and cleaning-up, what needs to be cleaned-up.

This is what drives my claim "connecting people“; often management and experts resp. corporate and operations. At the end of the day, the only solution is: working together and pulling into the same direction. High-level strategy is equally important as technical- and process-details are.

And it always again is really fascinating and satisfactory for all to experience : moving mountains is possible!


Björn Bünemann

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Connecting people. In Turnarounds. Crisis. Projects. Operations.

Connecting people. In Turnarounds. Crisis. Projects. Operations.


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