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Project - Consulting

Projekt - Consulting

Consulting. Management. Coaching. 

The success of a project typically is measured by the degree of staying within planned limits: scope, finance, timeline. Also, the perception of your customer plays a critical role: “perception is reality”, a global US-based customer once said. 

It sounds simple – in order to manage a project successfully, each handbook defines some key-requirements; amongst others: 

1. Target definition
2. Milestones
3. Team + Organisation
4. Governance + Reporting
5. Budget

However - at the same time - it is not quite as easy as it sounds. Therefore it still frequently happens that projects get off-track. To avoid such a direction I will set up your project with your team properly and guide your team through it. And should one of your projects have deviated from the planned direction, TOGETHER, we will put it back on track.

AGILE development of relevant topics, CONSEQUENT demand of progress, FREQUENT assessment of changes, deriving corrective actions, incl. the discussion of difficult topics with your CUSTOMER. This is where I will support your team – and also make it heard where needed.

The project-status of the weekly management-report by the way is either RED or GREEN. NOT YELLOW

"Challenge GREEN"! I am more than happy to share my experience which led to this point of view. 



in addition to Project - Consulting I am pleased to offer you the following services:

Connecting people. In Turnarounds. Crisis. Projects. Operations

Connecting people. In Turnarounds. Crisis. Projects. Operations


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