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Operations Assessment

What condition is your business REALLY in?

You are receiving contradictory information concerning the condition of an operation, a business, a project or a go-live? 

At the same time you URGENTLY require a reliable – NEUTRAL – 360-degree-assessment, in order to plan next steps; be it internally, with your customer or supplier?

Very quickly, incl. weekends, I talk to you and your leadership-team. I will dive into the challenge by digesting the most critical information. I will travel – Europe-wide – to your site in order to deliver ASAP a structured overview, assessing the “health” of your operational- and business-set-up. 

Amongst others, the following points will be reviewed:


You will receive a recommendation for actions – and of course I would be more than happy to be part of the solution-process within the framework of my service-portfolio!



in addition to Operations - Assessment I am pleased to offer you the following services:

Connecting people. In Turnarounds. Crisis. Projects. Operations

Connecting people. In Turnarounds. Crisis. Projects. Operations


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